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Rates and Location
Rates and Location
Full Grooming- This consists of a Hydrosurge Bath, Hand Blow Drying, Ear Cleaning/Plucking (if needed) Toe Nail Trim, and the Specific Cut to fit your Dog. This service ranges in price from about $40.00  and up, depending on the size, breed and coat condition of your pet.

Bath & Brush- This consist of a Hydrosurge Bath, Ear Cleaning, Hand Blow Drying, and a Brushing. A Toe Nail Trim can also be added to this service. The price range on this service can vary greatly depending on the size and coat structure of the Dog. Please call us for an estimated price quote.

Medicated Shampoo- This service is added to the Full Grooming or Bath service and is recommended for your pet if they have dry or irritated skin $5.00- $11.00 depending on size.

Hand Scissors/Specialty Cut- Please call us for a price quote.

** All Prices Are Subject to Change depending on circumstances such as, Coat Density, Excessive Matting, Excessive Dirt, Staining, or Odor (Skunk), or a Dog that is more difficult to groom (Aggressive, Older, or Very Active).

Flea Bath or Dip- This service is Automatically done if we find or suspect fleas on a pet that has arrived for grooming. ( This is at the owners expense ) It can also be requested, and added to a Full Grooming or Bath service if you know ahead that your pet is in need of this service. Dog grooming price also varies with the size of Dog, and ranges between $5.00- $14.00
Anal Gland Treatment- The expression of your pets anal glands generally is a natural occurrence, but in the case that it is not, Please request this service and it will be done at the time of your pets Bath at no charge. If you pet needs this service only it is a $10.00 charge.
Toe Nail Trim - $5.00

Hot Oil Treatment- Your pet will love this treatment. It will help protect their skin from dryness, itching, and flaking. Price: small-medium dogs $10, large dogs $15, x-large dogs $20

Shed Less Treatment- Does your pet have a shedding problem? This conditioning treatment will get out that old, dried up, loose hair and undercoat. Price: small-medium dogs $10, large dogs $15, x-large dogs $25.

As you can see our prices vary by pet size and coat condition. Feel free to call us at 541-895-5343 and ask for an estimate of your pet.Often, animals have been exposed to bad experiences in a grooming salon and are, as a result, very nervous around and sometimes dangerous to their groomer. Blue Ribbon Gentle grooming services are geared toward animals with special needs or difficult to handle animals. The Company's Gentle Touch philosophy ensures that the grooming services are focused primarily on the needs of the animal and secondly on the quality of the service. By booking longer appointment slots, the grooming "rush" is eliminated, the stressful environment is minimized, and the animals remain calmer.
Gently grooming is the most important element of our grooming company. Many times groomers have a heavy hand with animals because of over booking and lack of training and/or compassion. Keeping the animal safe and healthy is our biggest concern.

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