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Customers with appointments can drop off their pets anytime between 8:30-10:00 a.m.
The pets are finished being groomed in the same order that they are dropped off (unless the customer specifies that they will be coming back later than when we can have the dog finished).
Your appointment will save you a grooming spot for that day, but you must arrive before 10:00 a.m.
After 10:00 if a customer with an appointment hasn't arrived, we will allow a walk-in customer, or someone from our waiting list, to take that grooming spot.
We can schedule later drop-off and save you a grooming spot in the afternoon, but we require a non-refundable pre-payment for your grooming service if you want to schedule a late drop-off. Because we will be holding a spot open for you and not taking a walk-in or waiting list customer, we require that you pay for the grooming service in full, in advance, to guarantee late arrival.
The first couple of pets that are dropped off (usually arriving promptly at 8:30 ) are finished by lunchtime, but pets dropped off later, will be finished in the afternoon. Pets dropped off after 9:15 are usually the last dogs finished that day, and ready for pick-up close to our closing time. If you want to ensure that your pet doesn't spend more than 3-4 hours in the shop you need to be the first customer to arrive in the morning, or schedule a priority grooming service.
It takes several hours to groom a pet and insure that it is completely dry before leaving the shop. Each pet is not groomed start to finish, once we start them.
For example, if your pet needs its hair trimmed, one groomer will "rough trim" some of the hair and clip the nails first, then your pet will rest in a cage and wait for a bather to be available to give him a bath. After the bath, your pet will rest in a cage with a (heatless) fan to begin the drying process and wait for his turn with a brusher for a "fluff dry". After he has been thoroughly fluff dried and brushed, he will rest in a cage and wait for a "finish trim" with scissoring and final trimming. A pet that stays in the shop 4-6 hours may spend half of that time resting in a cage waiting for his turn for the next stage in the grooming process.
If you really don't want to leave your pet any longer than absolutely necessary, we suggest you use our priority grooming service. With the Priority grooming service your pet WILL be groomed start to finish, while you wait.
Grooming is a seasonal business! We are always busier in the warm months, starting in March or April and at the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You will need to make your appointment earlier during our busy times if you want to insure that you can get your pet groomed on a specific day.
SATURDAYS are ALWAYS busy year round. Dogs groomed on Saturdays usually have to stay longer, because we are so busy and are constantly interrupted to assist self serve customers, walk-in nail customers, phone calls etc.

Often, animals have been exposed to bad experiences in a grooming salon and are, as a result, very nervous around and sometimes dangerous to their groomer.
Blue Ribbon Gentle grooming services are geared toward animals with special needs or difficult to handle animals.
The Company's Gentle Touch philosophy ensures that the grooming services are focused primarily on the needs of the animal and secondly on the quality of the service. By booking longer appointment slots, the grooming "rush" is eliminated, the stressful environment is minimized, and the animals remain calmer.
Gently grooming is the most important element of our grooming company. Many times groomers have a heavy hand with animals because of over booking and lack of training and/or compassion. Keeping the animal safe and healthy is our biggest concern. At Blue Ribbon, your pet will get the best care available, while receiving quality grooming.

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We offer the following grooming services:
Breed cuts - finished style to your specification
Medicated flea baths
Advantage  - flea control products
Teeth brushing
Full grooming service:
Our prices vary by pet size and coat condition, so feel free to call us at (541) 895-5343 and ask for an estimate for your pet.

A furry pet with a long coat should be brushed and combed several times a week. Doing so can prevent matting and debris buildup in the dog's coat. If left unchecked, matting can become a serious condition for your pet. It is much more then purely a cosmetic issue. Mats are formed by intertwining hairs, dirt, grit, leaves, grass and other matter in the coat. Mats can grow large and heavy and eventually pull at a dog's skin. This may cause hot spots or wounds. In extreme cases, insect infestation or infection in the wounds may occur. If your dog already has mats, you may need to take them to a groomer and have them shaved to remove the mats. The dog make look a bit strange to you, but it's better to have a strange looking pup then one that needs medical attention do to hot spots. Once the mats are gone, you can then brush the coat frequently to avoid the mats from popping up again.